Foods That Osteoarthritis Patients Should Skip on the Menu

Osteoarthritis might not have proper treatment, but there are several ways of managing the condition, including diet. In this article, we have listed three foods you should skip on a restaurant menu if you have osteoarthritis.


Avoid foods that contain sugar-rich carbohydrates; for example, cookies, and cakes. Studies show that such sugars alter your body’s immune system, and this can worsen inflammation. Instead, you can take natural substitutes of processed sugars such as honey, or pure maple syrup.

Red Meats

Also, avoid red meats as they contain saturated fats that can further aggravate the symptoms of osteoarthritis of knee by weakening the knee cartilage. These fats are responsible for both the onset of osteoarthritis as well as its progression. An excellent alternative to red meat is organic white meats such as chicken and fish.

Fried Foods

Avoid fried foods at all costs if you have osteoarthritis. According to the Arthritis Foundation, fried foods such as doughnuts, and fries are responsible for the worsening of OA symptoms. The oil used in frying has elements that can cause reactions in the body that can increase inflammation. Such foods will also increase your cholesterol levels, and as you may be aware, cholesterol is responsible for cartilage breakdown.

There you have it, folks, three foods to skip on the menu if you have osteoarthritis. The idea is to make sure that you don’t eat any foods that can cause OA or worsen the symptoms.