Types of Restaurant Chefs

Chefs play a vital role in the running of any business. High-end restaurant owners understand the input offered by chefs, and that is why most of them go to great lengths to hire the right chefs. Here are some common types of chefs that are at the heart of the operations of any restaurant.

  • Chef-Owner – This individual usually has their plates full, as far as the restaurant’s operations are concerned. The activities of the chef-owner go beyond routine food preparations; they also feature in other services of the restaurant.
  • Executive chef – Also known as the head chef, this professional’s mandate lies squarely on the kitchen. Thus, the efforts of any executive chefs are geared towards consistently serving good food.
  • Sauce chef – As the name suggests, source chefs are responsible for preparing all sauces used in the kitchen. Whether it is salad dressings, pasta sauces, soups, or gravy, these professionals got you covered.
  • Pastry chef – These chefs specialize in preparing pastries, bread, and desserts. You also need them to help you with formulating dessert recipes and designing the dessert menu. And since backed foods feature in virtually any dish served in any eatery, restaurants need to hire an all-star pastry chef.