Common Restaurant Jobs

Restaurant owners do not have what it takes to do everything by themselves. Some critical operations in the running of a restaurant business include food preparation, customer service, bookkeeping, and repair and maintenance jobs, among others. Whether it is for financial reasons or simply because you do not believe that anyone can match your expertise, doing all restaurant jobs can be too much to chew.

Restaurateurs have to assemble a competent team to be able to provide their guests with exceptional services. Here is a list of common career options offered by the restaurant business.

Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager has many responsibilities to deal with during the day. When it comes to running high-end businesses, this professional should have a sound understanding of restaurant operations. Some restaurants also require these professionals to have some academic qualification in hospitality or business.  

Executive Chef

Also known as a head chef, this professional is tasked with the responsibility of coming up with specials and coordinating kitchen operations. He might also be involved in hiring and managing kitchen staff.

Wait Staff

The restaurant server is the first point of contact for your restaurant. The wait staff’s job description goes beyond just serving food. They also need to serve your guests in a way that will make first-time customers regulars at your eatery.


The general responsibility of a restaurant host is to meet and extend a helping hand to your customers. It is an entry-level position for people who do not have considerable experience in customer service operation. Therefore, this position can be used to orient new employees and prepare them for other customer service jobs.


Washing up is usually an entry-level position in most restaurants. Besides their obvious duty of doing dishes, they might also be required to work on other cleaning chores such as cleaning bathrooms, washing floor, and other simple maintenance tasks.