What It Takes to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

One of the most important things that you should have figured as a restaurant owner is how you will offer exceptional customer service. Providing your customers with quality food, therefore, should always be complemented by outstanding customer service. What does it take to deliver quality service? First, let’s look at what customer service is all about.


Customer service can be described as the ability to show your customers genuine attention and communication. If you are hosting some guests, you should make them feel welcomed and treat them with utmost respect and care. Adding an excellent meal to the equation will undoubtedly keep them coming back repeatedly.


So the following sections share several proven ways that could help you deliver exceptional customer service at your restaurant.


Get It Right From the Start

While quality food is what drives customers to your restaurants, the dining experience offered to them right from the time they set their foot into the restaurant is timeless. Keeping customer service at the forefront of every dining experience is critical to tasting success in this business. Here are some practical tips to help you get going:


  • Greet diners in your very first interaction.
  • Use respectful titles.
  • Listen intently.
  • Ask questions and repeat orders to ensure you get the order right.


Do Not Let Diners Wait Too Long

If you want diners to keep coming back, you should never make them wait too long before serving them with a meal. Angry and irritated customers will care less if your chefs prepare the best steaks. Speed of service is a fundamental tenet of quality dining experience irrespective of the restaurant you service. Considering that some foods take relatively long to prepare, make sure your diners have the right expectations, and don’t disappoint.


Address Problems Immediately

Your finesse at dealing with customer complaints and problems is a critical part of customer service. No matter how hard you try, there will always be something that goes amiss every now and then. Your main goal should be to have all issues solved as soon as you can. Instead of letting them work their way up the management, here are some tips to help you deal with customer problems:


  • Listen intently and admit the mistake even if you do not share the same sentiments.
  • Watch your body language and maintain eye contact.
  • Get some recommendations from the customer and try to work out a favorable solution to both of you.
  • Apologize


Use Customer Comment Cards

Exceptionally effective restaurants will always show diners that their opinions are valued. Providing your customers with comments cards, for instance, goes a long way in showing them that you value their opinions. Moreover, it also shows them that you are passionate about improving the quality of services that you offer them.