Qualities of Great Restaurant Wait Staff

Restaurants are often judged by the quality of the services they offer to their guests. As the first point of contact for the guests to the restaurant, the professionalism of your wait staff should be exceptional.

At a time when the guest’s expectations on customer service are high, servers should ensure that they provide guests with services that surpass their expectations. So here are some attributes of excellent wait staff that make them offer exceptional services.


Professional Appearance

It is of utmost importance to have your wait staff dressed in proper attire. This not only portrays a positive image of the business, but it does also affect the ambiance of the restaurant and the guest’s ability to enjoy their meal.



A good waiter should be cordial and friendly. This implies that they should be comfortable in showing respect while communicating and in their demeanor. Their response to customer complaints and concerns should always be objective, gentle, and polite.



Great wait staff members are knowledgeable. Ideally, they should be conversant with the options in the menu and the operations of the restaurant. This makes it easy for them to interact with the guests in a true sense.